goa大象设计 GOA Elephant Design

中国最具实力的设计机构之一 One of the most powerful design institutions in China

goa大象设计是中国最具实力的建筑设计机构之一,创立于1998年,总部位于中国杭州。在20余年的建筑实践中,goa始终代表中国建筑设计行业的品质高度,是亚洲人居环境与生活方式的引领者及缔造者。公司拥有涵盖城市设计、建筑、结构、机电、景观、室内及设计咨询的全专业团队,凭借精英的设计领军人才、强大的运营管理平台、深厚的资源合作网络,在高层建筑、精品酒店、都市豪宅、科技园区、特色小镇等多个领域取得了不可替代的行业领先地位。本着“为城市创造更多美好,为社会贡献更多意义和价值”的企业价值观,goa大象设计将持续以优质的设计服务影响中国乃至世界的人居环境建设。 GOA Elephant Design is one of the most powerful design institutions in China, and it was founded in 1998, headquartered in Hangzhou, China. During about 20 years of architectural practice, GOA always represents the quality height of China's architectural design industry, regarded as the leader & creator of the living environment and lifestyle of Asia. The company owns the full professional team covering urban design, architecture, structure, electromechanical design, landscape, interior design, and design consultation. Depending on excellent leading design talents, powerful operation management platforms, and profound resource cooperation network, it has achieved the irreplaceable industry leading position in many fields, such as high-rise buildings, boutique hotels, science & technology parks, and featured towns. Based on the enterprise values of “creating more beauties for cities and contributing more significances and values to the society”, GOA Elephant Design will continuously use the outstanding design service to affect the construction of the living environment in China and even the world.