目里商业集 OōEli

专注,内行,友好 Dedicated, professional and friendly


天目里已在2019年4月2日举行首次招商发布会,发布会上首次公布了项目办公入驻的有江南布衣集团,GOA大象设计,商家入驻有日本茑屋书店、日本%Arabica咖啡、电影空间品牌CINKER PICTURES三克映画、餐饮品牌食通天、潮流风向标DrivePro、空间植物美学23LAB、成立于1962年的意大利灯具品牌FLOS, 1934年的瑞士家具品牌VITRA等。
We aim at a single business collection, and take uniqueness, fun, and artistry as the basic orientation, hoping to invite merchants, designers, buyers and independent brands from all over the world that are not known by the public but are full of interest. Here, stores, coffee shops, restaurants and bookstores proactively participate in commercial activities, just as artists get involved in creation.

OōEli held the first investment promotion conference on April 2, 2019. At the conference, it was announced for the first time that the project office was settled by JNBY Group and GOA Elephant Design, and some brands were also settled into OōEli, such as TSUTAYA BOOKS (Japan), %Arabica (Japan’s coffee brand), CINKER PICTURES (cinema space brand), Sky Land (catering brand), DrivePro as the bellwether, space plant aesthetics 23LAB, FLOS (Italian lamp brand established in 1962), and VITRA (Swiss furniture brand established in 1934).

Brands Settled into
OōEli Business Set


跨界电影空间品牌,灵感源于纽约、伦敦历史悠久的传统独立影院餐厅,更多经典独立电影、先锋文艺电影将在此呈现。 This is a cross-border film space brand inspired by traditional independent cinema restaurants, with a long history in New York and London. More classic independent films and avant-garde films will be presented here.


一个起始于京都八坂塔,连接设计与生活、服务和产品完美结合的咖啡品牌,不同城市分店总独具特色。 This is a coffer brand which starts from Yasakanoto of Kyoto, connects design with life, and achieves the perfect combination of services and products. Branches in different cities always have their own features.


一个通过书籍和杂志进行生活提案的场所,倾力造就一个可以享受“时间”的体验空间。中国的第一家茑屋书店,落址天目里。 This is a place to make life proposals through books and magazines, striving to create the experience space where people may enjoy “time”. The first TSUTAYA BOOKS of China is located in OōEli.


起源于江门一条名叫江边里的小巷,希望用一杯好茶激发一份灵感。 It is originated from a small lane called Jiangbianli in Jiangmen, hoping to get inspired with a good cup of tea.

高合HiPhi HiPhi

华人运通旗下豪华智能纯电品牌,以全新视角和框架打造出行工具,定义智能汽车新品类。 This is the luxury smart pure electric brand under the management of Human Horizons, and creates the travel tools with a new perspective and framework, to define the new category of smart cars.

十八号酒馆 No. 18 Pub

成立于2013年的中国最早一批精酿厂牌,精选世界上最好的原料和最先进的设备工艺,只为让更多人体验到精酿的魅力。 Founded in 2013, it is included in the first batch of crafted brewery brands in China, and selects the best raw materials and the most advanced equipment & process in the world, to make more people experience the charm of crafted brewage.

柴多米 Chaiduomi

扎根云南十多年,以食材为切入点,输出包含生活农农场、餐厅、市集、酒馆、小院等系列生活美学产品。 Rooted in Yunnan for more than ten years, with food materials as the starting point, it involves a series of life aesthetic products, including living farms, restaurants, fairs, pubs, and small courtyards.


创立于2004年,在全球搜罗与销售符合自己审美标准的设计产品,是引领潮流文化的风向标。 Founded in 2004, it collects and sells global design products that meet its own aesthetical standard, regarded as the bellwether leading the popular culture.


深入源头和尽头,探索咖啡的无限可能。立足中国精品咖啡运动的最前沿,为当地社群创造独特而富有启发性的咖啡体验。 Go deep into sources and ends, to explore the infinite possibilities of coffee. Based on the forefront of China’s boutique coffee movement, create the unique and inspiring coffee experience for the local community.