整体建筑设计 Overall Building Design

它就像一个苹果。 It is just like an apple.

伦佐·皮亚诺最原始的设计概念非常简单,“它就像一个苹果:硬质界面的包裹下,是一个柔软而丰富的内核。我们希望去创造一个艺术事件的发生器,所以这个内核是立体的,多层次的,绿色的,所有的建筑都围绕并注视着这个内核。” Renzo Piano’s original design concept is very simple: “It is just like an apple: under the hard interface, it is a soft and rich core. We hope to create a generator of artistic events, so this core is three-dimensional, multi-layered and green. All buildings surround and look at this core.”

我们将大部分建筑降至 9 层。
Every corner of the square can get enough sunlight at eight or nine o'clock. Most are 9-storey buildings.

我们将原先可建11层的部分建筑降至9层, 并大部分在8层进行退台处理,这种设计不仅为了阳光,更打破了建筑的严肃秩序,也获得了更阔的视野和更美妙的风景。

We change some planned 11-storey buildings into 9-storey buildings. Most of them are carried out the set-back treatment on the 8th floor. This design is not only for sunlight, breaks the serious order of buildings, and obtains a wider view and more wonderful scenery.

The set-back design of the first floor, and the application of clear ultra-white glass, make the whole building complex present the suspended & lightsome effect and echo with the city. This is also the light, transparent and ideal effect of light flickering on building surface pursued by Renzo Piano.

人创造建筑,建筑也塑造人。 People create buildings; buildings also shape people.

我们邀请建筑大师伦佐·皮亚诺担当设计,这是伦佐·皮亚诺在中国的第一个作品,他自然而然地关注到了杭州人的当地生活,希望藉由建筑、景观、庭院营造街道的尺度和感受,形成一个相对隔离,但又处处生机的混合城市空间。 We invite Master Architect Renzo Piano to take charge of the design. This is Renzo Piano’s first works in China. He naturally pays attention to the local life of Hangzhou people, hoping to depend on buildings, landscape and courtyards to create the dimensions and feelings of streets, so as to form the mixed urban space which is relatively isolated and full of vitality.

Overall Building Designer

伦佐·皮亚诺 Renzo Piano

Famous Architect
RPBW Founder & Chairman
The 20th-session Pritzker Building Award Winner

In 1971, Renzo Piano became famous as one of the designers of the Pompidou National Art & Culture Center.
In 1998, he won the 20th-session Pritzker Award.
In virtue of the contributions to the protection of Genoa Ancient City, he was regarded as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.
RPBW’s Masterpieces
蓬皮杜中心 Pompidou Center 1977
法国巴黎 Paris, France
Pompidou National Art & Culture Center is a modern art museum which is located on Boubourg Avenue on the right bank of the Seine River and on the north side of Latin Quarter of Paris as the capital of France.
碎片大厦 The Shard 2012
英国伦敦 London, UK
The Shard is a mansion designed by Renzo Piano, located on the south bank of the River Thames in London, regarded as the second highest mansion in Europe, second only to Moscow Mercury City.
关西国际机场 Kansai International Airport 1994
日本大阪 Osaka, Japan
Kansai International Airport is still a legend, designed by Architect Renzo Piano, formally put into operation on September 22, 1994.
提巴欧文化中心 Tjibaou Cultural Center 1998
法属新喀里多尼亚努美亚 Noumea, French New Caledonia
Built in 1998, Tjibaou Cultural Center is located in Noumea, the capital at the southern end of French New Caledonia in the center of the South Pacific.
波茨坦广场改造 Reconstruction of Potsdamer Platz 1992
德国柏林 Berlin, Germany
Potsdamer Platz is a new center of Berlin. Its surrounding urban scenery is vivid and colorful.
拜尔勒基金会博物馆 Beyeler Foundation Museum 1997
瑞士巴塞尔 Basel, Switzerland
Beyeler Foundation Museum of Basel is the most popular art museum in Switzerland, also regarded as one of the most beautiful exhibition centers in the world.