阳极氧化铝板 Anodized Aluminum Plate

We hope that,
the external facade of the building after 50-100 years
is the same as it is now.

我们邀请了在国际上享有盛誉的ARUP(奥雅纳)全程为项目提供幕墙、结构等方面的专业工程顾问。ARUP是全球众多知名项目的核心创意力量,其中澳大利亚悉尼歌剧院和香港的国际机场荣登20世纪十大建筑之列,而蓬皮杜艺术中心、关西国际机场等一系列杰作都是他们荣耀的证明。 We invite ARUP enjoying high reputation in the world, to provide the entire project with professional engineering advisers in curtain wall, structure and other aspects. ARUP is the core creative power of many well-known projects in the world. Among them, Sydney Opera House (Australia) and Hong Kong International Airport are listed in the top 10 buildings of the 20th century. Pompidou Art Center, Kansai International Airport and other series masterpieces are the evidence of their honors.

The capacity to retain the color for a long time
brings a sense of constancy through history.


In order to make each material present its most authentic characteristics, and explore its greatest potential, we finally choose the anodized aluminum plate, and use it for the external facade facing the city. The anodized aluminum plate brings a sense of constancy through history, the surface has delicate and natural metallic luster, and the appearance is overwhelming. The exquisite detail design adds low-key color to the whole building.

This process has never been used on a large scale in the domestic civil building industry. It calm tone can not only echo with fair-faced concrete. The aluminum plate that is treated by a special process has the ability to retain the color for a long time, to bring a sense of constancy through history.

Anodized Aluminum Plate Designer


Construction Partner of CCTV Headquarters Building
Construction Partner of China National Stadium (Bird’s Nest)

ARUP is an independent company composed of designers, planners, engineers, advisors and technical experts, dedicated to dealing with all aspects of the current building environment. We help clients solve the most complicated challenge that they encounter.
When seeking a better way and shaping a better world, we turn exciting ideas into tangible reality.
ARUP’s Masterpieces
2-3 Finsbury square 2-3 Finsbury square 2018
英国伦敦 London, UK
2-3 Finsbury square建筑主要采用玻璃幕墙,
2-3 Finsbury Square mainly adopts the glass curtain wall, to create the clean background for other space adjacent to it.
Sky Believe in Better Building Sky Believe in Better Building 2016
英国伦敦 London, UK
Sky Believe in Better Building为上访的学校儿童提供住宿,
Sky Believe in Better Building provides petitioning school children with accommodation, and supplies offices, employee training facilities, and three-storey restaurants.
1 Triton Square 1 Triton Square 2017
英国伦敦 London, UK
1 Triton Square将成为3500名健康的工作场所,
1 Triton Square will become the healthy workplace for 3,500 employees, with outstanding comfortableness, sunlight and social connections.
ACF Fiorentina ACF Fiorentina 2015
意大利佛罗伦萨 Florence, Italy
ACF Fiorentina在粉丝对场地的聚焦上,使用最新技术,
With regard to fans’ focus on venues, ACF Fiorentina uses the latest technology to enhance the audiences’ overall experience before, during and after games.
Coventry University Coventry University 2014
英国考文垂 Coventry, UK
Students may monitor the environmental performance of buildings on the computer of the campus. All rooms are provided with windows. The structural system of the building is completely visible from the outside.
Etihad Stadium Etihad Stadium 2013
英国曼切斯特 Manchester, UK
Etihad Stadium体育场拥有引人注目的雕塑形式,
Etihad Stadium has an eye-catching sculptural form. When people approach the building, their sight will focus on the sign wall, making it easy to distinguish the direction.